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Making a difference is the motive that formed JuliJuli: being sweet, cool and extra sustainable!

In times of growing monotonicity due to the increasing robotic production that aims only at the biggest possible profit, we fear that a feeling for value will be the missing ingredient..

And that is why JuliJuli manufactures in Berlin, using fabric only from the most reliable sources (see NEW WAY) based in Germany!

the story

Writing the 20/10/2010 ..about 23 742 988 nervous couples are about to get married. JuliJuli is born. The pregnancy was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the baby well protected. Now it´s here for all of us. Let´s have a great time with it!


julijuli in the streets

You´ve been out in the urban jungle with your character..
Become our real-life model by sending a photo to Berlin. If you agree that we may show them online, just attach your picture right to the mail; )

Mail to:

We are looking forward to a colorful documentation!

The New Way

Fair Trade - on
Backgroundsound: Hundreds in the hands - pigeons


JuliJuli has strong partners.. Without them we couldn´t be as unique and sustainable by far! We want to thank our partners and draw the attention to Bo and Pablo´s charitable organization:


JuliJuli would like to have personal contact to its supporters. Therefore you can send us questions or mail us when being interested in getting a character:

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